[webkit-dev] Xcode editor settings

Darin Adler darin at apple.com
Fri Jun 10 13:15:40 PDT 2005

On Jun 10, 2005, at 12:49 PM, David Lázaro Saz wrote:

> I'm wondering how did you (the original WebKit developers)  
> recommend to configure Xcode (I'm using 2.1) in order to edit  
> WebKit files. Right now it's very strange for me because there is  
> something in the coding style that really doesn't reflect my own.  
> Lines are wider than wide, for example, as message sends are almost  
> never broken in multiple lines.

The only important settings are to set Indentation as follows:

     - do *not* insert tabs instead of spaces
     - tab width: 8 (won't matter once we expunge all the tabs, but  
that could take a while)
     - indent width: 4

But I don't think this addresses the issue we are talking about. I  
think you're correct if you're saying that some of our source code  
has lines that are long and don't fit on a small screen.

> Maybe is that I have to get used to it, or that my PowerBook 15  
> screen is smaller than the ones in which it was developed, don't  
> know. So I think it would help us knowing what layout and  
> preferences are you using or recommending in order to adapt my  
> environment.

Some of us do use computers with screens that size, but most use much  
bigger screens. I do a lot of my work on a PowerBook 17".

> I also think that that "never break a message" should be in the  
> coding guidelines if it is the preferred form.

I'm not sure I'd put it quite like that. We will put parameters to  
function calls on different lines if the line gets super long, but I  
agree it would be good to somehow address this in the coding guidelines.

As far as personal preferences are concerned, if there is a function  
call line that's very long, I prefer to make it shorter by  
introducing some named local variables before breaking it across  
multiple lines. Often naming the parameters can provide additional  
documentation about what's intended.

     -- Darin

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