[webkit-dev] Xcode editor settings

David Lázaro Saz dlazaro at well.com
Fri Jun 10 14:52:02 PDT 2005

On 10/06/2005, at 22:15, Darin Adler wrote:

> I'm not sure I'd put it quite like that. We will put parameters to  
> function calls on different lines if the line gets super long, but  
> I agree it would be good to somehow address this in the coding  
> guidelines.

Yes, because that is a preference that could vary wildly between  
different developers. I, for one, write almost vertical code.  I  
sometimes joke calling it Chinese notation.

There's also another curiosity that I'd like to know: why is the  
WebKit project divided in folders with the .subproj extension and  
only a .pbproj project file available? Isn't that too NeXT for such a  
modern project as the WebKit?

Thanks for your previous answers,


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