[webkit-dev] AJAX Support

Eric Seidel eseidel at apple.com
Sat Dec 24 17:30:52 PST 2005


On Dec 24, 2005, at 6:03 PM, Andrew Eberhard wrote:
> 1.  Although Safari implements most of the XML Extras in FireFox,  
> as far as I can tell it lacks a critical piece of the AJAX  
> framework:  the ability to apply an XSLT transform to an XML  
> document received asynchronously from a server into HTML.  I  
> believe Safari supports .innerHTML on most tags (could be wrong),  
> so the transform process seems to be the only missing piece of the  
> puzzle in this regard.

XSLTProcessor (the javascript object of which you are speaking) is  
available in tip-of-tree WebKit, which you can build yourself:
or just download the latest nightly build:

There if however no timeline as to when these fixes will make it into  
a released version of Safari, but with the above mentioned resources,  
you are able to test your sites today with what your users will have  
in the future.

> 2.  There seems to be a number of bugs with contenteditable regions  
> in Safari.  Strictly speaking these are not part of the AJAX  
> "platform", but having reliable editable regions would be very  
> useful for online applications.  The Writely.com website has some  
> rather vague descriptions of the problems.

Many fixes have been made to contenteditable since the last released  
version of Safari.  This is actually a very active area of  
development.  Again, you can test your sites with the latest nightly  
to see what changes we've made.

If you find there are still areas of your site which are broken with  
the latest WebKit nightly, I would encourage you to file a bug in our  
open source bug tracking database:

I hope that helps.

Happy holidays,


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