[webkit-dev] AJAX Support

Andrew Eberhard andy at eberhard.net
Sat Dec 24 16:03:07 PST 2005


I'm almost certain this topic has been covered before so I'll try to keep my questions brief and will gladly read any resources already devoted to thereto (I just signed up for this mailing list).

Basically, I'm an AJAX developer for a large civil engineering company.  As User Interface Manager for the corporate intranet, I've regularly tried to enrich the capabilities of our intranet without increasing bandwidth needs and/or client requirements.

To date, my efforts have focused primarily on IE (the corporate browser standard), but I am being asked (and honestly want) to support other browsers including FireFox and Safari.

It seems to me that there are a couple of things that are missing from Safari.  If anyone could speak to either of these (potentially incorrect) observations, please do.

1.  Although Safari implements most of the XML Extras in FireFox, as far as I can tell it lacks a critical piece of the AJAX framework:  the ability to apply an XSLT transform to an XML document received asynchronously from a server into HTML.  I believe Safari supports .innerHTML on most tags (could be wrong), so the transform process seems to be the only missing piece of the puzzle in this regard.

2.  There seems to be a number of bugs with contenteditable regions in Safari.  Strictly speaking these are not part of the AJAX "platform", but having reliable editable regions would be very useful for online applications.  The Writely.com website has some rather vague descriptions of the problems.

I feel compelled to say that I am an ardinent Mac user at home.  ;-)

Thank you!
Andrew Eberhard

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