[wpe-webkit] Hole punching and WeakRef support in WPE/WebKit v2.22

Michael Pantazoglou michael.pantazoglou at oceanbluesoftware.co.uk
Tue Sep 7 06:11:47 PDT 2021


Thank you for the feedback. I was able to find the commits you listed in
your reply. I also enabled the two holepunch approaches in OptionsWPE.cmake
(located under Source/cmake), rebuilt and verified that the external
holepunch feature works as expected. However, the GStreamer-based holepunch
feature seems to not work properly, despite the fact that I enabled it as
mentioned above. What I saw in the corresponding manual test is the actual
video playback instead of the transparent rectangle.

Is there any additional configuration required to fully enable the
GStreamer-based holepunch feature?

Also, regarding the first part of my initial post, do you know if WeakRef
is (or can be) enabled for the WPE version I am using (it's actually the
wpe-2.22 branch from https://github.com/WebPlatformForEmbedded/WPEWebKit)?


On Mon, 6 Sept 2021 at 16:38, Miguel Gomez <magomez at igalia.com> wrote:

> Hi!
> > I forgot to include the blog post I found on hole punching:
> > https://blogs.igalia.com/magomez/2019/02/26/hole-punching-in-wpe/
> >
> As mentioned in the post, the official upstream support for hole
> punching was added on 2.24, so it's not in 2.22.
> There's the wpe-2.22 branch on
> https://github.com/WebPlatformForEmbedded/WPEWebKit which is based on
> 2.22 and has a backported implementation of the feature. It has a lot
> of other patches added on top of 2.22 as well, so not sure it that's
> fine for you.
> If it's not valid, you can backport the feature into your 2.22 branch
> yourself by cherry-picking the appropriate commits from the wpe-2.22
> branch. In order to do so, please get this commits:
> e750af4ae456c30518785793fc1a1f542ad5ad5f
> 6f308a35c0d32436d514d88e24f90c5488345a42
> 85f02560dde6fbec03b330bb181f0456dc4da9ab
> dbaec6ed91c6e27e7f152ea04c0e6d3d9e79542f
> c915449cd58e1ceca9a2be5f30d6ce73f78da1fe
> Regards!
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> Miguel Gomez
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