[wpe-webkit] Hole punching and WeakRef support in WPE/WebKit v2.22

Miguel Gomez magomez at igalia.com
Mon Sep 6 06:38:00 PDT 2021


> I forgot to include the blog post I found on hole punching:
> https://blogs.igalia.com/magomez/2019/02/26/hole-punching-in-wpe/

As mentioned in the post, the official upstream support for hole
punching was added on 2.24, so it's not in 2.22.

There's the wpe-2.22 branch on
https://github.com/WebPlatformForEmbedded/WPEWebKit which is based on
2.22 and has a backported implementation of the feature. It has a lot
of other patches added on top of 2.22 as well, so not sure it that's
fine for you.

If it's not valid, you can backport the feature into your 2.22 branch
yourself by cherry-picking the appropriate commits from the wpe-2.22
branch. In order to do so, please get this commits:



Miguel Gomez
Igalia - www.igalia.com

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