[wpe-webkit] Issue playing Live DASH content on wpe

Enrique Ocaña González eocanha at igalia.com
Wed Oct 13 06:42:10 PDT 2021

El lunes, 11 de octubre de 2021 15:23:07 (CEST) Johan Saji escribió:
> Hi,
> We are in the process of integrating a local OTT app on top of wpe webkit
> browser. For that we are trying to run an HTML5 video player on wpewebkit
> to play the dash content. We are able to run DASH VOD content successfully,
> but when it comes to Live DASH content we are facing issues. For Live
> content, we are seeing that from some content the video play is sluggish
> (continuous play and pause) but for some, the it only renders a couple of
> frames.
> But for both cases,From the logs, we could see that continuous seeking is
> happening as if the player is trying to catch up with the live We have
> tried the same natively using gstreamer and it was able to play without
> much issues.We came across
> https://github.com/WebPlatformForEmbedded/WPEWebKit/issues/331 which is
> similar to the issue that we are facing. Would like to know if it is fixed
> upstream
> For testing, we are using
> Reference Client:
> https://reference.dashif.org/dash.js/latest/samples/dash-if-reference-player
> /index.html Sample app using https://www.jwplayer.com/
> For both the result is the same.

I've tested [1] in downstream wpe-2.22[2] on an embedded device, desktop 
Chrome and upstream WebKit[3] on desktop (I used WebKitGTK, but should be 
similar enough to WPE to be meaningful).

I got similar results in wpe-2.22 and desktop Chrome: the stream starts, plays 
for some seconds and then stalls. Playback doesn't even start on upstream 
WebKit. Things improve downstream when using ShakaPlayer[4] instead of the 
DashIF client (dash.js), but the stream sometimes pauses and can't catch up on 
upstream desktop WebKit.

We would need to analyze in more detail what's happening upstream in order to 
know what needs to be fixed. I'd suggest you to open a bug in https://
bugs.webkit.org/ specifying an exact version of the dash.js library to use as 
well as an exact live stream manifest to use.

> *Env: *webkit - 405564d67c5bcbb187be2447eea84df24cc44a94 (wpe-20170728)

^^^ What does this line mean? Are you using wpe-2017? That's certainly not 
upstream, but unmaintained WebPlatformForEmbedded downstream. Any fix that 
might have been in wpe-2017 isn't in current upstream and can't be backported 
there almost for sure.


[1] http://reference.dashif.org/dash.js/nightly/samples/dash-if-reference-player/index.html?autoplay=true&url=http://livesim.dashif.org/livesim/

[2] https://github.com/WebPlatformForEmbedded/WPEWebKit/tree/wpe-2.22

[3] https://github.com/WebKit/WebKit-http/commit/e3090e0f1d (master branch, a 
bit outdated)

[4] https://shaka-player-demo.appspot.com/demo/#asset=https://

Enrique Ocaña

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