[wpe-webkit] Unable to build stable (semi-colon gotcha?)

Andres Gomez tanty at igalia.com
Mon Jan 13 07:28:26 PST 2020


quickly answering:

U16_NEXT is a preprocessor macro. In other words, it is replaced by the
actual code in that stage of the compilation.

If you check the definition of this macro at:

You will realize that it is replaced by a block of code (starting and
closed with brackets).

In other words, although it would be good to have the semicolon there,
it is not really needed and it should not lead to a build failure,

So, are you sure you don't have a different problem building the code?


On Mon, 2020-01-13 at 14:26 +0100, Andrea Giammarchi wrote:
> Happy new year everyone!
> Quick question: while I see that current code has semi colons at the right place, it's not the first file I need to mokey patch from the stable 2.26.2 archive.
> As example, the Document.cpp file has 3 lines where U16_NEXT... misses the semi-colon at the end, resulting in build failures.
> My question is:
> how is it possible that a stable release doesn't build out of the box?
> do I understand correctly source files from WebKit or WPE fork are not linted?
> Specially the latter point, would be quite surprising to me ... as I'm automating ways to build WPEWebKit for various architectures, and dealing with files that cannot be used and break the build down the process is not really expected/convenient.
> Thanks for any sort of clarification.
> Best Regards
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