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Andy Pont andy.pont at sdcsystems.com
Tue Nov 5 07:16:20 PST 2019

Adrian wrote...

>One thing that I forgot to mention in my previous e-mail is that it is better
>to use a version of WebKitGTK (for GNOME Web on the desktop) from the same
>release series. For example if you are using WPE WebKit 2.26.x (or 2.27.x)
>it's a good idea to use make sure that GNOME Web on the Ubuntu box has
>WebKitGTK 2.26.x installed. In the case of Ubuntu 19.04 it seems [1] that
>distro is stuck in 2.24... An option there would be to use the Flatpak for
>the GNOME Web Tech Preview [2] builds (which currently use WebKitGTK 2.26.x),
>which should be installable from the command line easily:
>   $ flatpak install --from https://webkitgtk.org/epiphany-tech-preview
I have run the flatpak command on my Ubuntu 19.10 vm and GNOME Web is 
reporting WebKitGTK 2.26.1 and the target is running WPE WebKit 2.27.2 
and there is still no output shown in the remote inspector.

>Another thing to check is that the “libWPEInspectorResource.so” library has
>been installed to the target device. If you are using the Yocto recipes from
>meta-webkit, you need to add the “wpewebkit-web-inspector-plugin” package to
>your images (on the other hand, the Buildroot package always installs it).
There is a file on the target called libWPEWebInspectorResources.so 
which is in /usr/lib/wpe-webkit-1.0.  Is this file being automatically 
picked up or is there something needs adding to the command like to 
reference it?


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