[wpe-webkit] Developer extras

Andy Pont andy.pont at sdcsystems.com
Mon Nov 4 06:59:04 PST 2019

Adrian wrote...

>The development inspector is accessed remotely over the network [1]. On top of
>passing the flag, you need to define the “WEBKIT_INSPECTOR_SERVER” environment
>variable before running Cog to configure the interface and port where the
>service will listen for connections. For example, to make it listen on all
>the available network interfaces, use:
>   WEBKIT_INSPECTOR_SERVER= cog --enable-developer-extras=true <…>
>Then you will be able to use a WebKitGTK-based browser (like GNOME Web [2])
>from a laptop or a desktop computer using an URL with the “inspector://”
>scheme, using the IP address of your device:
>   epiphany inspector://
>This will open a window with a list of the web views which can be inspected
>(currently only one, because Cog does not have support for more at the
I have got this running up to a point. The GNOME Web browser (in Ubuntu 19.10) is showing the list of inspectable targets (the single simple HTML file loaded by Cog). When I click on the “Inspect” button the Web Inspector window opens but remains blank.

What am I missing?



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