[wpe-webkit] AArch64 builds in AUR

Andrea Giammarchi andrea.giammarchi at gmail.com
Thu Mar 28 04:05:29 PDT 2019

After a quick test:

   - the inspector launches and I can connect from epiphany, however
   there's nothing in there and whatever I write in the console doesn't show
   up, not even logging 123
   - tinywl launches (from tty) and stops ... it doesn't care about
   executing anything ... if I press Alt+Esc I can see everything was fine but
   it stopped after listing all possible TV resolution ... no signal of the
   `-s` execution at all (yes, I've passed the file as you suggested, nothing
   - if I explicitly set Weston backend as drm it always break. It is true
   that I don't need Xwayland to make it work, but the only way I can set this
   TV resolution, for some reason, is through xrandr so ... I need startx to
   set xrandr as 720p then I can launch weston with the resolution (or again,
   it crashes)

I think it'd be also awesome if tinywl would be on AUR as tinywl git, and I
might just take care of that, but I don't know if just installing into
/usr/bin/tinywl would be enough, or if I need to bring along more (the
Makefile has no install target)

Best Regards
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