[wpe-webkit] EGL_NOT_INITIALIZED on Cog with fdo/swrast/fbdev

Karl Krach ml at krach.email
Wed Jun 26 08:18:37 PDT 2019


I was wrong with my analysis of the initializeEGLDisplay() failure:

>  2) Second it's called from
> wpewebkit-2.24.2/Source/WebCore/platform/graphics/PlatformDisplay.cpp
> in initializeEGLDisplay(), uses the EGL_DEFAULT_DISPLAY and fails in
> dri2_initialize_wayland_swrast() with rt=-1 wl_shm=0:

The reason is the missing support for the 'EGL_WL_bind_wayland_display' 
extension (see Instance::initialize() in ws.cpp) when not using drm 
(dri2_initialize_wayland_drm() in platform_wayland.c) but swrast 
(dri2_initialize_wayland_swrast) instead. This reason is already 
documented in

  * "Segmentation fault on Buildroot -branch next / RPi3B+" - 
https://github.com/Igalia/cog/issues/90 and
  * "WaylandCompositor misusing eglGetProcAddress" - 

Since I rely on the udlfb kernel module, I cannot use drm.

  * Do I have any alternative?

  * Is there a webkit version which works without the 
'EGL_WL_bind_wayland_display' extension?

  * Is there a mesa3d version, which supports 
'EGL_WL_bind_wayland_display' for swrast? (e.g. the DRI swrast driver)

BR, Karl

PS: I found an article about an DRM driver for DisplayLink 
- but I don't know if it fulfills our needs... at least it's not working 
out of the box ('weston --backend=drm-backend.so --tty=4' fails with 'no 
drm device found')

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