[wpe-webkit] EGL_NOT_INITIALIZED on Cog with fdo/swrast/fbdev

Karl Krach ml at krach.email
Mon Jun 24 23:55:51 PDT 2019


I'm getting `EGLDisplay Initialization failed: EGL_NOT_INITIALIZED` when 
launching cog on Buildroot master (2019.05-415-gcd1b1773dd). My board is 
a ARM Cortex-A7 which drives an display connected via USB (DisplayLink 
DL-165). Weston works fine, also with the simple-egl examples - but cog 

On start eglInitialize() is called twice:

  1) First it's called from cog-0.3.0/platform/cog-platform-fdo.c in 
init_egl(), get's its display from wl_display_connect(NULL) and succeeds 
(dri2_initialize_wayland_swrast(): rt=21 wl_shm=4788368)

  2) Second it's called from 
wpewebkit-2.24.2/Source/WebCore/platform/graphics/PlatformDisplay.cpp in 
initializeEGLDisplay(), uses the EGL_DEFAULT_DISPLAY and fails in 
dri2_initialize_wayland_swrast() with rt=-1 wl_shm=0:

> libEGL debug: EGL user error 0x3001 (EGL_NOT_INITIALIZED) in 
> eglInitialize
> EGLDisplay Initialization failed: EGL_NOT_INITIALIZED
> (cog:386): Cog-WARNING **: 00:27:56.626: <> Crash!: 
> The renderer process crashed. Reloading the page may fix intermittent 
> failures.

I'm using the following software:
> cog-0.3.0
> libwpe-1.2.0
> mesa3d-19.0.6
> weston-6.0.0
> wpebackend-fdo-1.2.0
> wpewebkit-2.24.2

For me it looks more like an configuration issue rather than a bug, so I 
hesitate to post it on https://github.com/Igalia/cog/issues.

If someone has an hint for me, I would be thankful.

BR, Karl

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