[wpe-webkit] Web Extension Support In WPE

Munez Bn munezbn.dev at gmail.com
Sat Jun 8 08:13:17 PDT 2019

HI All,

I had written a test webextension for WebKitGTK long back (WebKitGTK
2.16.6). I wanted o test it with WPE 2.24.x (RPI3) and the page was not
launching. After debugging I found that JSContextGetGlobalObject() is
getting struck and never returns. Same extension when i Tried on WebKitGTK
2.24.x on Fedora, I don't see this issue.

static void
window_object_cleared_callback (WebKitScriptWorld *world,
                                WebKitWebPage     *web_page,
                                WebKitFrame       *frame,
                                gpointer           user_data)
    JSGlobalContextRef globalContext;
    JSObjectRef        globalObject;

    GRefPtr<JSCContext> jsContext =
doptGRef(webkit_frame_get_js_context_for_script_world(frame, world));

    globalContext = jscContextGetJSContext(jsContext.get());
    globalObject = JSContextGetGlobalObject (globalContext);  ---> Blocked
and doesn't return

Thanks & Regards
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