[wpe-webkit] Cog, WPE WebKit and the Linux framebuffer

Carlos Alberto Lopez Perez clopez at igalia.com
Tue Jul 23 16:33:47 PDT 2019

On 19/07/2019 18:04, Andy Pont wrote:
> Hello,
> I have built a Linux image using Yocto (Warrior) for the Atmel SAMA5D2
> reference board that includes Cog, WPE WebKit and wayland built using
> core-image-weston.  The local.conf contains:
> IMAGE_INSTALL_append = " wpewebkit cog ca-certificates”
> PREFERRED_PROVIDER_virtual/wpebackend = "wpebackend-rdk”
> PACKAGECONFIG_pn-wpebackend-rdk = “wayland”
> The image works but the startup of wayland and cog seems to take a very
> long time - and longer than is acceptable for this application.  Is it
> possible to change the configuration to get rid of wayland and to run
> directly on top of the Linux framebuffer?  If so, what should the
> configuration look like.
> If it is relevant, the SAMA5D2 only has an LCD controller and doesn’t
> have a GPU.  The final application doesn’t require any 3D capabilities
> but if they are required for building WPE WebKit then it will need to be
> software rendering.
> -Andy.

WPE can run without Wayland, but it can't run without a GPU.
The _minimum_ requirements regarding graphics is a GPU with support for
OpenGL-ES 2.0 and EGL.

In theory it should be possible to use something like Mesa
swrast/llvmpipe to avoid using a real GPU, but this doesn't work ok.
If you do that, you will find that the CPU usage is much higher than it
should (with the associated heat dissipation problem) and the overall
performance is very bad.

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