[wpe-webkit] WPEWebKit and Widevine

Brandon Adkins badkins79 at msn.com
Tue Jan 22 11:06:34 PST 2019

>There's both. The following repo is an example of interfacing with a licensed Widevine SDK:

>For the library version of Widevine, both Firefox and Kodi are examples of how to use that.

>https://github.com/WebPlatformForEmbedded/OCDM-Widevine is the glue code to a licensed Widevine SDK. From >WebKit POV,
>you'll  want to be looking at the derived CDMInstanceOpenCDM class in the WPEWebKit github account for guidance >on how
>WebKit connects to WPEFramework. WPEFramework in turn talks to the OCDM-Widevine plugin mentioned above.

>  Charlie.

Yes, again very helpful. I have done the background research, and I believe I have a path forward on integrating the Widevine library with my WebKitGTK-based browser. However, I have hit another issue related to this.

Before starting any Widevine work, I wanted to make sure I could use the current built-in ClearKey DRM methods and see them work correctly. I found a few test sites: https://simpl.info/mse/ https://simpl.info/eme/clearkey/ https://cpearce.github.io/mse-eme/ but none of them actually work. The first link tests just MSE on its own with no EME at all, and it still doesn't work. In fact, enabling MSE in the browser and trying to watch a normal YouTube video just freezes after about 10 seconds. I tried the latest release versions of WebKitGTK for both 2.20 and 2.22.

So it looks like the current MSE support in WebKitGTK is just broken. Looking at the WPEWebKit code base in github, it looks like there are MSE related fixes in there. Does WPEWebKit handle MSE correctly? I am assuming it does if it also handles EME.

So, sorry for the long background. But my question is, is there a branch in the WPEWebKit code that I can follow to see the fixes needed to get WebKit's MSE support working? I can't quite wrap my mind around the current branch flow in the github project. I would assume when WebKitGTK made a new release branch, that you would duplicate that branch in github, and then patch in your downstream fixes needed to get MSE and EME working. But I just don't see anything like that.

Any guidance would be greatly appreciated.
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