[wpe-webkit] AArch64 builds in AUR

Andrea Giammarchi andrea.giammarchi at gmail.com
Wed Feb 20 05:29:59 PST 2019

Dear WPE WebKit team,
  I've just recently discovered your project and I'm the author of the
defunct project Benja [1] and also the post about having a minimalistic
WebKitGTK+ kiosk mode on the Raspberry Pi 3.

I've always preferred WebKit on ARM for the simple reason that Chromium
never cared much to be there or, in general, to support Wayland where

The reason I am here is Sam Decrock and his recent post on how to build WPE
for the RPi3 via Buildroot.

You probably know already that AUR contains already libwpe +
libwpe-git, wpewebkit, and wpebackend-fdo, which I believe is the whole
stack needed to start WPE.

However, none of those packages target also aarch64, and on top of that,
none of them is already built for the RPi3.

Having a pre built, up-to-date version, of your stack, would make
prototyping in the most used embedded device a no brainer, and it will also
help projects being updates, without the need to create yet another
distribution platform to update non official stable releases.

Accordingly, for the sake of providing the best browser out there for IoT &
DYI related projects, and for an officially declared LTS platform as the
RPi3 is, I wonder if there is any interest in publishing these "bricks" as
AUR aarch64 packages that will make the creation of anything Web based via
ArchLinux finally a reality.

I'm here to help as I can or, if you can tell me how to build from a PC all
the needed parts using system libraries so that I can produce such
packages, I'd love to create rpi3-libwpe, rpi3-wpewebkit, and
rpi3-wpebackend-fdo for the already awesome ArchLinuxARM community.

Thank you in advance for any sort of outcome.

[1] http://benja.io
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