[wpe-webkit] Punching Hole Support In Upstream

Munez Bn munezbn.dev at gmail.com
Wed Oct 17 23:51:19 PDT 2018

Hi All,

Earlier I was using WpeWebkit from the downstream, and now I have started
using Upstream ( wpewebkit 2.22.0).  I noticed that the GSTREAMER punching
hole code is not available in upstream code ( nor the
external_punch_hole).  When I tried Youtube.com/Tv,  YouTube UI was
launching but I couldn't play video. It could be a different issue but I
am  just wondering if it is related to missing PUNCH_HOLE code in upstream.
If not, then someone please explain how the punch hole will be working in
upstream code.

PS: I have enabled MSE in the build and also in webkit settings

Thanks & Regards
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