[Webkit-unassigned] [Bug 247980] WebKitGTK seems confused about size of 1px on 283 dpi display

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--- Comment #4 from Glen Whitney <gwhitneycom5 at pobox.com> ---
Some more information, however: the scaling issues appear to apply to many (maybe all) "absolute" CSS units and not to the "relative" CSS units. For example, if I copy the html/css source of webkitgtk.org and change all occurrences of `px` units to `in` units, dividing the numerical values by 96, it produces essentially the identical appearance as originally shown; whereas if I change all `px` to `rem`, dividing the numerical values by 16 (corresponding to the default root font size of 16px), the page looks as desired/expected (see screenshot below). Hopefully this can help track down the issue or suggest a compensatory setting/workaround I might use. Thanks.

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