[Webkit-unassigned] [Bug 247980] WebKitGTK seems confused about size of 1px on 283 dpi display

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--- Comment #3 from Glen Whitney <gwhitneycom5 at pobox.com> ---
Eighteen months later, just checking in to say that the situation is just equally bad in the updated similar environment, described by the following results of webkit://gpu; I have not attached new screenshots as they are essentially identical.

Thanks for any thoughts, pointers, or attention you can give this situation.

    "Version Information": {
        "WebKit version": "WebKitGTK 2.44.0 (tarball)",
        "Operating system": "Linux 6.8.1-1-default #1 SMP PREEMPT_DYNAMIC Tue Mar 19 07:32:20 UTC 2024 (d922afa) x86_64",
        "Desktop": "XFCE",
        "Cairo version": "1.18.0 (build) 1.18.0 (runtime)",
        "GStreamer version": "1.24.0 (build) GStreamer 1.24.0 (runtime)",
        "GTK version": "3.24.41 (build) 3.24.41 (runtime)"
    "Display Information": {
        "Identifier": "1",
        "Type": "X11",
        "Screen geometry": "0,0 3840x2400",
        "Screen work area": "0,0 3840x2400",
        "Depth": "24",
        "Bits per color component": "8",
        "DPI": "283",
        "VBlank type": "Timer",
        "VBlank refresh rate": "60Hz",
        "DRM Device": "/dev/dri/card0",
        "DRM Render Node": "/dev/dri/renderD128"
    "API": "OpenGL (libepoxy)",
    "Hardware Acceleration Information": {
        "Policy": "always",
        "WebGL enabled": "Yes",
        "Renderer": "DMABuf (Supported buffers: Hardware, Shared Memory)",
        "Native interface": "None"
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