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--- Comment #9 from Dennis <dennisn at dennisn.mooo.com> ---
> You can simply not use the feature at runtime if you don't want it.

That's not a good policy. It increases the attack surface and increases the stress on system resources. All of the few bloated "modern browsers" that still exist are constantly being hacked because the code is so bloated and unmaintainable - I don't want hackers to even have the possibility of accessing the geolocation api, for example - I don't want it anywhere in my code.

Again, I don't want fullscreen capability, or "intelligent tracking prevention", or countless other features. I recently randomly saw some SpeechRecognition module being compiled. Things have gotten way out of control.

> You're trying to use options that are not meant to be used with WebKitGTK

Says you. You shouldn't be telling users what kind of software they should be running, especially when you're pushing them into a more insecure and bloated direction.

Also, at least one of my fixes (the ones involving the *TransientZoom functions, is broken because I had USE_OPENGL_OR_ES=OFF ... is that not public/"allowed" either?

And I think all the other preprocessor guards that I added are just adding to what already exists ... if my ones aren't worth it, than the existing ones shouldn't be either. They literally do the same thing - someone just forgot to maintain them over time.

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