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--- Comment #7 from Sihui Liu <sihui_liu at apple.com> ---
(In reply to Michael Lehenabuer from comment #5)
> As an update, I've tried a couple workarounds which do not work:
> 1. Re-opening the database after hitting this bug results in an
> "UnknownError: Connection to Indexed Database server lost. Refresh the page
> to try again."
> 2. Listening to visibilitychange events and attempting to stop queuing
> operations when visibilitystate == false does not work because in the case
> where the bug repros, no visibilitychange event is received before Safari is
> paused in the background.  The event arrives only after restoring Safari to
> the foreground, but then it is too late and you get the "An internal error
> was encountered in the Indexed Database server" error.
> I've uploaded a modified repro at
> http://mike-shared.firebaseapp.com/ios-crash2.html which contains these
> workarounds and additional logging.
> Given there are seemingly no workarounds, it would be very helpful if
> somebody could acknowledge that this bug has been seen and is being
> investigated. Thanks!

Hi Michael,

Thank you for the bug report.

Does IDB behave correctly after you put Safari foreground and refresh the web page?
We do have bug report about network process crashing when backgrounding Safari because database file cannot be locked during process suspension. We have proposed a fix(https://bugs.webkit.org/show_bug.cgi?id=196372).

If that's the case, you should see crash report about com.apple.WebKit.Networking. And you should expect IDB to work if you refresh page and load again.


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