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--- Comment #13 from Alexander Mikhaylenko <exalm7659 at gmail.com> ---
(In reply to Michael Catanzaro from comment #12)
> Better/clearer:
> event->scroll.window = g_object_ref(window);

Needs an additional cast. :)

../../Source/WebKit/UIProcess/gtk/ViewGestureControllerGtk.cpp: In function ‘WTF::GUniquePtr<_GdkEvent> WebKit::createScrollEvent(GtkWidget*, double, double)’:
../../Source/WebKit/UIProcess/gtk/ViewGestureControllerGtk.cpp:423:40: error: invalid conversion from ‘gpointer’ {aka ‘void*’} to ‘GdkWindow*’ {aka ‘_GdkWindow*’} [-fpermissive]
     event->scroll.window = g_object_ref(window);

    event->scroll.window = reinterpret_cast<GdkWindow*>(g_object_ref(window));
is still fine (honestly, looks less clean to me), then sure. :)

> This should be lower in the expectations file under the flaky section, since
> it's a failure that should be fixed, rather than a failure that we're OK
> with having forever like the other test you've added here.


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