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Save viewport size in dynamicViewportSizeUpdate

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>> Source/WebKit/ChangeLog:3
>> +        New pages don't account for device orientation.
> "deviceOrientation" is one of the /other/ parameters to dynamicViewportSizeUpdate, so this title is quite confusing; this is really about the layout size

Yes, you are right, it is confusing from implementation point of view, but from user's perspective this is what actually happens. 
I tried to name the bug from the user's perspective, but I didn't know that bug title should be included in changelog file. Do you think that I should rename title to something like "New pages don't account for layout size after rotation"?

>> Source/WebKit/ChangeLog:13
>> +	if it is not changed. So, it is blocking new updates to pass to 
> _lastSentViewLayoutSize is reset upon process swap or crash, so I don't quite get this part

(1) One of the possible workarounds is to trigger layout size update just after rotation via `_overrideLayoutParametersWithMinimumLayoutSize:maximumUnobscuredSizeOverride:` -> `_setViewLayoutSizeOverride` -> `_dispatchSetViewLayoutSize` -> `setViewportConfigurationViewLayoutSize`, but it early exits in `_dispatchSetViewLayoutSize` because `_lastSentViewLayoutSize` didn't change. Of course, it will reset when actual process swap occurs, but new page will be created with wrong values at this point.
(2) In `_didCompleteAnimatedResize` there is call to `_dispatchSetViewLayoutSize`, but it wrapped in `newViewLayoutSize != _lastSentViewLayoutSize.value()` condition.

>> Source/WebKit/UIProcess/ios/WebPageProxyIOS.mm:298
>> +    m_viewportConfigurationViewLayoutSize = viewLayoutSize;
> It seems surprising that we'd only need to save one of the parameters (what happens to e.g. maximumUnobscuredSize?). I wonder if it's missing from elsewhere instead of needing to be added here?

Firstly I tried to save `maximumUnobscuredSize` also, but I couldn't observe any effect off this. Unfortunately, I din't figure out a way how to initialize new page with correct knowledge about unobscured size/obscured insets yet, so now it initializes with default zero values (You can observe this by rotating to landscape and navigating to webpage from favorites on iPhone X).

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