[Webkit-unassigned] [Bug 183386] LayoutTests/http/tests/navigation/page-cache-iframe-provisional-load.html fails with async policy delegate

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--- Comment #4 from Danyao Wang <danyao at chromium.org> ---
Turns out my initial analysis was wrong and we can't use delegateIsDecidingNavigationPolicy().

What happens is that the decide policy process for the main frame and the subframe are interleaved. So when FrameLoader::continueLoadAfterNavigationPolicy() is called for the main frame, it calls FrameLoader::stopAllLoaders(), which invalidates the in-progress policy check on the subframe. This triggers FrameLoader::continueLoadAfterNavigationPlicy() on the subframe with PolicyAction::Ignore. Later when PageCache::addIfCacheable() is called after main frame commits the provisional navigation, the sub frame load has already been cancelled, so it is neither in decide policy nor provisional load. This leads to PageCache deciding to cache the page.

With sync policy delegate, the main policy decision is fully finished before subframe enters into decide policy. The subframe loader gets a PolicyAction::Use result from the UIProcess and transitions to FrameStateProvisionalLoad before the main frame commits the provisional navigation.

It seems to me that canceling outstanding subframe policy checks when main frame commits its provisional navigation makes sense. So despite the difference in timing, I think the behavior here is working as intended.

I'm less sure if the page in such a state should be cached. "No" seems to make sense, because the page is now in a broken state with one of its subframe load interrupted and I assume that's why we check for FrameStateProvisionalLoad. Capturing this specific case will be a bit messy, because we'd need to pass a cancelation reason into FrameLoader::stopAllLoaders().

Chris - what do you think?

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