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--- Comment #4 from Carlos Eduardo Ramalho <cadubentzen at gmail.com> ---
Now I didn't include buttons in the patch because buttons already have some other logic coming from other classes. Basically the default color for the buttons is not RenderStyle::initialColor(), but RenderTheme::systemColor():

Color RenderThemeGtk::systemColor(CSSValueID cssValueId, OptionSet<StyleColor::Options> options) const
    switch (cssValueId) {
    case CSSValueButtontext:
        return styleColor(Button, GTK_STATE_FLAG_ACTIVE, StyleColorForeground);
    case CSSValueCaptiontext:
        return styleColor(Entry, GTK_STATE_FLAG_ACTIVE, StyleColorForeground);
        return RenderTheme::systemColor(cssValueId, options);

And checking for it in isControlStyled() would need to check the disabled color as well (which is also set before reaching isControlStyled() and hardcoded in RenderTheme::systemColor in the CSSGrayText clause)... anyway, a lot of logic outside the RenderTheme code and I was able to fix the regressions related to bug 126907  without having to change the button behavior here.

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