[Webkit-unassigned] [Bug 165319] [mac-wk1] LayoutTest media/modern-media-controls/tracks-support/tracks-support-click-track-in-panel.html is a flaky timeout

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--- Comment #4 from Antoine Quint <graouts at apple.com> ---
The root of the issue is that animations are suspended by media/controls/track-menu.html with a call to internals.suspendAnimations(), and that state isn't reset with a call to internals.resumeAnimations(). Then, media/modern-media-controls/tracks-support/tracks-support-click-track-in-panel.html fails because the selection animation for the tracks panel menu item that is clicked never completes and the delegate to notify that an item in the tracks panel was selected is never fired, which leads to the test failure.

We can fix do any of the following to fix the issue:

1. Add a call to internals.resumeAnimations() in media/controls/track-menu.html
2. Audit all usage of internals.suspendAnimations() and ensure tests that use it also call internals.resumeAnimations()
3. Ensure the state set by calling internals.suspendAnimations() in WebCore does not continue past one single page

I think #3 is what we should do, it seems dangerous that a state set in one state could alter the behaviour of other tests, especially as the run order with multiple workers is unpredictable.

While taking a look at calls to internals.resumeAnimations() in existing tests, I found a doozy, animations/added-while-suspended.html has this line:

    resume(); // Just in case.


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