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--- Comment #10 from Konstantin Tokarev <annulen at yandex.ru> ---
>Are you saying that REQUIRED by *design* does not result in a fatal error, rather than some bug? 

No, by design it should result in fatal error. However, I've found why it doesn't happen for WebP and GeoClue: package names are case-sensitive, so WebP != WEBP, and WEBP_FOUND being false is ignored because cmake looks for WebP_FOUND. We either need to rename FindWebP.cmake to FindWEBP.cmake and use find_package(WEBP), or use "WebP" spelling consistently. Same for other packages with mixed case names.

As for FeatureSummary, I've added it to Qt port because of user request, it provides nice summary about what packages (required and optional) were found and which were not, and allows to add hints to user what is the purpose of these dependencies (so that user can know e.g. that disabling Geolocation is a way to get rid of GeoClue). See cmake documentation for more details. It can also replace our home-grown "Enabled features" list.

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