[Webkit-unassigned] [Bug 170351] JavaScriptCore: Do not use BLX for immediates (ARM-32)

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--- Comment #11 from iscaro <iscaro at profusion.mobi> ---

> I think this is very roundabout. Introducing a setting that you have to hack
> into the .asm file with a dummy if statement is super dirty. We should have
> the offlineasm program know what platform it's on.  That's better since
> we'll never have a fat binary that is both iOS and non-iOS-arm. As it stands
> the introduction of a new settings flag doubles the runtime of offlineasm
> for everyone.

I'm sorry for this 'dirty' code Filip. I saw that there were already some pieces of code doing that (just like the armv7 if above PLATFORM_IOS) and then I though it was the right way to do. To be honest, I tried to add a command line option to offlineasm which flagged that the target was iOS. However, I could not find a easy way to do that.

> Would it be enough for you to detect in arm.rb if you're running on Darwin?

Yes, it would be enough. What do you think about adding the following constant at arm.rb?

IS_IOS = ((RUBY_PLATFORM =~ /darwin/i) != nil)

Sounds good?


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