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> (In reply to comment #8)
> I think you have some other, better supported techniques available for this
> scenario. Your in-page CSS could hide (visibility:hidden) the video element
> entirely (or cover it with a poster <img>, and only un-hide it once your
> script clears the 'controls' attribute.  The <video> poster image attribute
> takes time to download, decode, and paint, so this wouldn't introduce any
> additional flash that wasn't there already.

I just want a style based way to say: "don't show controls", which apparently won't be possible anymore. I'm also not concerned about a FOUC or reflow, i'm specifically concerned about 50 video frames showing a controlbar on mobile device in nigeria that takes 70 seconds to load the entire page. Which would result in one video after the other then loads the JS player. I want to eliminate that temporary moment of controls, after which the user has to reset his expectations with a new set of controls. And I need to keep my DOM clean of non-semantic <img> elements.

I guess the only other alternative that might get me what i want is to use a top loading synchronous JS fragment, but i don't think our performance team will like that. ..

I know, our requirements are somewhat crazy :)

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