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--- Comment #9 from Jer Noble <jer.noble at apple.com> ---
(In reply to comment #8)
> Hmm, I forgot 1 reason why I wouldn't want to remove the controls
> attribute... Not all re-users of of our Wikipedia content, are guaranteed to
> have our Javascript running of course. That means all re-users of Wikipedia
> content (FB, offline readers, 3rd party mobile apps etc) would have video
> elements without controls potentially..

I think you have some other, better supported techniques available for this scenario. Your in-page CSS could hide (visibility:hidden) the video element entirely (or cover it with a poster <img>, and only un-hide it once your script clears the 'controls' attribute.  The <video> poster image attribute takes time to download, decode, and paint, so this wouldn't introduce any additional flash that wasn't there already.

> That sounds nice in practice, but as far as I can see, input elements with
> overriding styling for pseudo controls are everywhere and lot's of stuff
> would break if we really started following: "page style is not supposed to
> be able to affect elements inside a Shadow DOM"

The names of the pseudo-elements within the <video> element Shadow DOM are an implementation detail, and not an API. We will change them occasionally such that, if pages are allowed to override their styles, those changes will break pages that depend on the arrangement or names of those pseudo-elements.  I suspect the same is true for pages that target specific <input> Shadow DOM elements (and not just <input> pseudo-class rules).

> And again, as I mentioned, I can easily override a lower level child still.

Then that sounds like a bug we need to fix. :)

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