[Webkit-unassigned] [Bug 157167] r200216 fails to build for darwin/gtk: use of undeclared identifier 'm_font'

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Thu May 5 23:02:02 PDT 2016


--- Comment #8 from Carlos Garcia Campos <cgarcia at igalia.com> ---
The ifdef is in that line, see the whole context:

    unsigned hash() const
        return m_font ? m_font->hash() : 0;
#elif OS(DARWIN)
        uintptr_t flags = static_cast<uintptr_t>(m_isHashTableDeletedValue << 5 | m_textRenderingMode << 3 | m_orientation << 2 | m_syntheticBold << 1 | m_syntheticOblique);
        uintptr_t fontHash = (uintptr_t)m_font.get();
        uintptr_t fontHash = reinterpret_cast<uintptr_t>(CFHash(m_font.get()));
        uintptr_t hashCodes[3] = { fontHash, m_widthVariant, flags };
        return StringHasher::hashMemory<sizeof(hashCodes)>(hashCodes);
#elif USE(CAIRO)
        return PtrHash<cairo_scaled_font_t*>::hash(m_scaledFont.get());


If cairo is used when building WebKitGTK+ on darwin, we should be using the cairo implementation of the hash. But I don't know if we should just replace the OS(DARWIN) by PLATFORM(COCOA) or change the order of the ifdefs.

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