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> Source/WebCore/ChangeLog:9
> +        an editable elements boundaries.

elements -> element's

> Source/WebCore/accessibility/mac/AXObjectCacheMac.mm:385
> +                [userInfo setObject:[NSNumber numberWithBool:intent.selection.focusChange] forKey:NSAccessibilityTextSelectionChangedFocus];


> Source/WebCore/editing/FrameSelection.cpp:1110
> +        // FIXME: BIDI

do you have a WK bug to reference

> Source/WebCore/editing/FrameSelection.cpp:1164
> +    return (AXTextSelection) { intentDirection, intentGranularity, false };

is the cast necessary (it may very well be, but i'm curious)

> Source/WebCore/editing/VisiblePosition.h:57
> +        , m_isBoundary(false)

m_isBoundary should be false by default. you may not need to initialize

> Source/WebCore/editing/VisiblePosition.h:60
> +    VisiblePosition(bool boundary) : m_affinity(VP_DEFAULT_AFFINITY), m_isBoundary(boundary) { };

should this be "bool boundary = false" so you get the default behavior without changing code to be no?
or should we make a static boundaryVisiblePosition() class method that returns the right object

i know people don't generally like passing around bools where the value is not clear what its for

> LayoutTests/accessibility/mac/selection-boundary-userinfo.html:8
> +<div role="textbox" tabindex=0 id="textbox" contenteditable=true>

can you also add a test with a input type="text"

> LayoutTests/accessibility/mac/selection-boundary-userinfo.html:30
> +            	shouldBe("results[0]", "AXTextStateChangeTypeSelectionMove");

looks like this file has some tabs in it

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