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--- Comment #6 from Csaba Osztrogonác <ossy at webkit.org> ---
(In reply to comment #4)
> It would be a lot better to just write our own arm disassembler.

It can't be serious that writing a brand new disassembler
is better choice than using a working one. 

> The issue with the llvm one is that it goes through the same soft linking
> nonsense that we do for the rest of llvm. 

It's not the most beautiful think I've ever seen, but it works.
But I still don't understand why its existence is an issue?

Do you have a political reason that everything related
to LLVM should be removed from the trunk immediately?
I can understand that Apple don't want to use it,
in this case just remove it from your build system
and set USE_LLVM_DISASSEMBLER to 0 on your platform.

But I don't understand why do you want to force Linux 
users to drop a working debugging possibility?

> So, I'm not sure how you're proposing to keep it of gtk/efl 
> removed the dependency from the build system.
We only removed LLVM based FTL JIT support from the build system.

LLVM disassembler is optional and still can be enabled explicitly:
build-jsc --cmakeargs="-DUSE_LLVM_DISASSEMBLER=1"

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