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> Comment on attachment 270382 [details]
> Patch proposal
> View in context:
> https://bugs.webkit.org/attachment.cgi?id=270382&action=review
> > LayoutTests/platform/gtk/accessibility/roles-computedRoleString-expected.txt:51
> > +FAIL: pre -> . Expected: group.
> It's too confusing to have FAIL print in our expected results; we should do
> this less often. Can you try reworking the test to avoid this?

I spoke to Joanie over IRC and she agrees that the current situation is broken in ATK, but not only due to <pre> elements being exposed as ATK_ROLE_PANEL, but also due to inline elements that should be exposed as ATK_ROLE_STATIC being also exposed as ATK_ROLE_PANEL, because now they are all GroupRoles internally, plus a specific subrole that is not used in the ATK role.

So, we think that restoring the old behaviour is the way to go, and probably making the code Mac-specific is the way to go, since those changes do only make sense in a context where role+subrole are used.

Now about the test expectation: Joanie agrees on whatever the computed role string is printed out is not really relevant as long as that gets exposed as an ATK_ROLE_SECTION in the ATK world, so perhaps the right thing to do here is to adapt the WebKitGTK's WKTR so that it prints the right thing in there (after all, it was printing a '.' before).

If nobody has any objection, I'll probably work into a new patch in that direction (keeping isStyleFormatGroup() Mac-specific + adapting WKTR) changes tomorrow morning.

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