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> > How likely is it that gtk-xft-dpi will change while WebKit is running?
> The only reason I can think of is if people turn on the Large Text
> accessibility option, or Scaling Factor in GNOME Tweak Tool. The entire
> desktop responds immediately to that, except for a WebKitWebView.

Exactly, that's actually the use case that triggered the patches for epiphany, devhelp and yelp. Users of our system rely on quite a few WebKit based apps (including Yelp, but not only that one) to access to text-based content, and it was quite confusing for them not to get any instant feedback when the "Larger Text" a11y option was toggled.

Also, I've to say that even for me this has been an issue lately, since I normally use that a11y option myself whenever I move from working in my external 24" screen to working in my 14" 1920x1080 laptop (where I find everything a bit too small). 

> GNOME applications are getting patches to do so (see the See Also bugs; I
> guess maybe Endless wants this?), but it's a considerable amount of
> boilerplate code to share between each app.

That would definitely be interesting for us, although at the moment is not a big deal either since we have fixed the 2-3 places where this needs to be addressed (that is, is not that we had to fix trillions of apps, but Yelp + a WebKit based engine used from different apps).

Thus, I'm more open to help with this task although my understanding from our IRC conversation is that this was not going to be fixed in WebKit because of the pixels related issue, which is why I did not file the bug. But maybe I should have done it anyway... sorry about that and thanks Michael for stepping up and doing it. 

> But it's not just that: the px are also really silly difficult to use
> properly:
> https://git.gnome.org/browse/epiphany/tree/embed/ephy-embed-prefs.c#n206

True. It actually took me a while to understand what was going on there and where those "magic" numbers (25.4, 96, 72) came from.

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