[Webkit-unassigned] [Bug 142673] [GTK] Automatically adjust font size when gtk-xft-dpi changes

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--- Comment #2 from Michael Catanzaro <mcatanzaro at igalia.com> ---
> How likely is it that gtk-xft-dpi will change while WebKit is running?

The only reason I can think of is if people turn on the Large Text accessibility option, or Scaling Factor in GNOME Tweak Tool. The entire desktop responds immediately to that, except for a WebKitWebView. GNOME applications are getting patches to do so (see the See Also bugs; I guess maybe Endless wants this?), but it's a considerable amount of boilerplate code to share between each app.

But it's not just that: the px are also really silly difficult to use properly: https://git.gnome.org/browse/epiphany/tree/embed/ephy-embed-prefs.c#n206

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