[Webkit-unassigned] [Bug 84393] Avoid calling updateCompositingLayers() more than once before each render

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--- Comment #16 from Simon Fraser (smfr) <simon.fraser at apple.com> ---
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> So we need an in-WebKit data structure for tracking repaints

We have this already (we accumulate dirty rects in GraphicsLayers). The problems are:
1. we dirty during layout, and dirtying assumes that you can find the relevant repaintContainer (which is a compositing layer) and compute a dirty rect relative to it.
2. RenderLayers cache repaint rects, which will also go stale if their repaint container changes because of compositing updates.

So we need a data structure that hangs off the render tree that tracks repaints, and can track them sensibly across multiple layouts, in a compositing-independent way.

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