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--- Comment #15 from Caitlin Potter <caitpotter88 at gmail.com>  2014-09-10 08:22:58 PST ---
(In reply to comment #14)
> > Not according to any of the DOM specs which have made it to REC, or the WHATWG's DOM.
> > 
> > However, this is academic, because if 2 major vendors are exposing this on Element, then it really doesn't matter what the spec says.
> Right. I was referring to the DOM parsing living standard and latest candidate rec.
> > Yes, it's obviously necessary to use the correct parsing insertion mode. By "not terribly difficult" I'm not saying it's a one-line patch, just that it's clear what is needed to be done.
> >
> > Would you care to write the patch? I will not have time for at least 2 weeks.
> I would be really happy to do it. Unfortunately, I am afraid that it would be too difficult for me and presently I have neither enough time nor deep technical knowledge of Webkit to make it right and quick (within your two weeks for instance). However, I will try have a look at least out of curiosity.

Cool, the Blink implementation should serve as somewhat of a guide --- it looks like much of editing/markup's API has not changed too much since the Blink fork, and the Blink innerHTML routine is just a call to createMarkup() with "this" (*this in the case of WebKit) and the element's childNodes --- It probably needs some adjustment to work correctly in WebKit, but following those lines is probably adequate, provided WebKit's createMarkup() is smart enough to figure out the correct insertion mode to use.

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