[Webkit-unassigned] [Bug 135698] SVGElement has no innerHTML property

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--- Comment #14 from Julien Sanchez <julien.sanchez at gmail.com>  2014-09-10 08:14:35 PST ---

> Not according to any of the DOM specs which have made it to REC, or the WHATWG's DOM.
> However, this is academic, because if 2 major vendors are exposing this on Element, then it really doesn't matter what the spec says.

Right. I was referring to the DOM parsing living standard and latest candidate rec.

> Yes, it's obviously necessary to use the correct parsing insertion mode. By "not terribly difficult" I'm not saying it's a one-line patch, just that it's clear what is needed to be done.
> Would you care to write the patch? I will not have time for at least 2 weeks.

I would be really happy to do it. Unfortunately, I am afraid that it would be too difficult for me and presently I have neither enough time nor deep technical knowledge of Webkit to make it right and quick (within your two weeks for instance). However, I will try have a look at least out of curiosity.

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