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> > > > > I don't expect web developers to build their own version of webkit just to have remote inspector enabled. The remote inspector needs to be enabled at run time, it's not working unless an env variable is present, so I think it's harmless having it always built, and the benefit is huge.
> > > > in that case ,it is ok and now i am enabling default yes to remote web inspector, during build time we can decide to disable if requires for any case
> > > 
> > > Configuration flags are reserved for features that introduce extra dependencies, for instance spellchecking, HTML5 multimedia support, Web Audio etc.
> > > 
> > > Remote inspector support doesn't introduce any new dependencies, and can be disabled at runtime. Because of that there's no need for an extra configuration flag -- the feature should be enabled at build-time.
> > > 
> > > The only thing I'd recommend changing is to move ENABLE_INSPECTOR_SERVER definition to SetupWebKitFeatures.m4 and define it to 1 unconditionally.
> > 
> > The non intentional users who are not aware of remote web inspector will not set env variable to run inspector server i agree, but it is possibility that  env variable can be set before ruing webkit based browser in shell and without user permission user's webpage may be inspected remotely,
> > by giving no support to build system for remote web inspector,if we do not want to run inspector server, we should not build it even if we build inspector by default
> I see what you're aiming at, and I agree that enabling the feature through an environment variable is not ideal.
> Though, as explained in comment #8, adding a configuration flag to avoid the problem is not the proper solution. I think the best thing would be to move away from enabling the feature through an env to another mechanism, for instance a new setting.
> If you agree, please consider opening a new bug where possible solutions can be discussed and implemented. You're of course also invited to work on the problem.

yes it is better to discuss with new bug report

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