[Webkit-unassigned] [Bug 139179] HTMLSelectElement add() should support index as second argument

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--- Comment #17 from Shivakumar J M <shiva.jm at samsung.com> ---
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> Comment on attachment 243343 [details]
> Patch-Updated-Review2
> Code change looks OK, but the 4 regression tests mentioned above are now
> failing and need to be updated. Either the tests themselves have to be
> updated or at least their expected results.

Dear  Darin,

      Out of 4 failed tests, "fast/dom/incompatible-operations.html", modified to work fine in my local setup. 
      But other 3 tests ( dom/html/level2/html/HTMLSelectElement18.html, dom/xhtml/level2/html/HTMLSelectElement18.xhtml, fast/dom/dom-add-optionelement.html) are failing, when 'null' is passed as second argument to add(). Whenever select.add(element1,null) is passed, the new add api is adding the element1 to begining of the list, so but as per spec "If before is omitted, null, or a number out of range, then element will be added at the end of the list". so these is making all 3 tests fail. 


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