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--- Comment #4 from Sergio Villar Senin <svillar at igalia.com>  2013-09-02 03:05:29 PST ---
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> Adding Sergio, our soup cache expert :)

Well the cache warnings are normal if there are requests pending to be resolved, there might be issues related to the cache but in any case it does not block new requests.

I am not sure about the issue tracked by this bug because we're talking about different things. The issue described in comment #1 is likely caused by our not very correct handling of partial responses (Range requests in general), and that's already covered by the bug mentioned there.

Regarding the issue described in the original description I can confirm that I've seen that behaviour many times indeed, and I think the analysis is correct (we're likely hitting a max-per-host connection limit). In any case that's not a problem per-se, because the limits are set in order not to flood the server. The underlaying issue (bad handling of 206 responses) is likely the culprit, so I'd wait for a fix for that issue and then double-check if this is fixed.

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