[Webkit-unassigned] [Bug 124175] Blob constructor should accept sequences

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--- Comment #6 from Victor Costan <costan at gmail.com>  2013-11-12 12:23:02 PST ---
Thank you for the fast and thorough feedback!

toJSSequence() throws a TypeError with no description. I copied its code and tweaked it to do what I wanted.

The two solutions I thought about are:
1) Adding a toJSSequence overload that takes an extra String containing the error description, and changing the current version to call it with the string TypeError.

2) Creating a separate toJSSequenceWithCustomErrorMessage (I'm terrible at names, sorry) with the tweaks that I added there.

Which way would you like me to go?

I inherited the Date / RegExp issue from the original implementation. I know the V8 bindings in Blink explicitly test, and I thought there's some reason why this isn't happening in JavaScriptCore / WebKit. Should I add the checks to toJSSequence?

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