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> > > The problem with exporting symbols is that then they are subject to binary compatibility constraints. The pure interface approach doesn't require that. 
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> > If I understood correctly, as like other Qt plugins(QPA,imageformats,..) qtwebkitplatformplugin is not binary compatible between Qt deliveries. Suppose if I have a qtwebkitplatformplugin plugin which is compiled against 1.0, the same plugin can't be used as is for 2.0. Am I right? That is the case, I agree with u :), but qwebkitplatformplugin.h shouldn't be a part of Qt delivery.
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> > 
> What about exporting & declaring a clear note like "It is not Binary compatible" as like other Qt plugins?(QPA,imageformats,..)

Then you still get crashes when QtWebKit tries to load a platform plugin that was compiled against the wrong version of the interface.

The crash is what the interface cast and versioning is supposed to protect us against.

If we're willing to give that up, then we could export symbols and actual base classes.

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