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Currently I'm changing the code to use nativeVirtualKey always if 'UseNativeVirtualKeyAsDOMKey' settings is enabled.

>> Source/WebKit/qt/Api/qwebsettings.cpp:515
>> +        when Qt::Key to DOM key converstion fails. It might be useful for sending domain specific key values
> "when Qt::Key to DOM key converstion fails" is false isn't it? It seems like this will be triggered only if the key is 0.

True, it will be triggered only if windowsKeyCodeForKeyEvent() return 0.

>> Source/WebKit/qt/WebCoreSupport/QWebPageAdapter.cpp:1244
>> +    return frame->eventHandler()->keyEvent(PlatformKeyboardEvent(ev, settings->testAttribute(QWebSettings::UseNativeVirtualKeyAsDOMKey)));
> I think this is quite messy to be honest.
> Do we need the setting? What would you think about simply passing the nativeVirtualKey as well to windowsKeyCodeForKeyEvent, which would fall back to the nativeVirtualKey if the keycode is 0?
> I don't see any use case where a 0 key to a QKeyEvent is expected, so this could allow to shape legacy web key events.

nativeVirtualKey() property may have some other value in window systems like X11(xcb_keycode_t), DirectFB,.. If I say simply, Allen(& me too) don't want to break the existing behavior unless QtWebKit embedder decided to override by enabling a QWebSettings :)

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