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--- Comment #16 from Jae Hyun Park <jae.park at company100.net>  2013-02-18 03:46:37 PST ---
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> Let's ask things differently, why doesn't GraphicsSurface have the responsibility for its GraphicsContext in the first place?

I updated the patch trying to make GraphicsSurface and ShareableBitmap have the responsibilities for their own GraphicsContext, but noam thought it was quite messy.

The main purpose of this patch is to make CoordinatedSurface pass GraphicsContext*, and the problem is that ShareableBitmap doesn't own its GraphicsContext and ImageBuffer does.

// the following is a talk with noam.
[20:14] <noamr> jaepark: the problem is - ShareableBitmap doesn't own its graphicsContext; ImageBuffer does. We're trying to use a class that has both backends
[20:15] <noamr> so the solution is either to make ImageBuffer not own its GraphicsContext, or make ShareableBitmap own its GraphicsContext, or work around the issue in the API
[20:15] <jaepark> right.
[20:15] <noamr> I don't particularly care which one it is, but since benjaminp had some issues with option (3), I'd like to hear his thoughts.

So I provided a way to work around the issue in the API in the second last patch, which noamr thought was reasonable.

I'd really appreciate your comment on this benjamin. :)

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