[Webkit-unassigned] [Bug 108690] Add ImageFrameCache to facilitate access to ImageFrames

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--- Comment #22 from Min Qin <qinmin at chromium.org>  2013-02-13 19:38:03 PST ---
Maybe have the following inheritance?
And ImageDecoder has a ImageFrameCache member variable?

So that ImageFrame, ImageFrameCache, and ImageDecoder will have the minimum amount of USE(SKIA) in it?

(In reply to comment #21)
> (In reply to comment #20)
> > The goal really is to move ImageFrameCache out of ImageDecoder.h. Yes ImageDecoder.h is flooded with #ifdefs but it shouldn't be. You can remove all the platform specifics into ImageFrameCache.h and ImageFrame.h. Will that show an advantage to you?
> The reason I suggested Min doing this was because:
> 1. I think ImageDecoder.h contains too much platform details. In particular ImageFrame that has SkBitmap everywhere. It doesn't need to know these at all.
> 2. We plan to add more lock/unlock semantics to ImageFrame and ImageFrameCache. I felt uncomfortable adding even more Chromium specific features to ImageDecoder.h.
> My conclusion was to isolate this logic layer of ImageFrameCache and ImageFrame from ImageDecoder and we will have more flexibility to the behavior of these two objects, without affecting ImageDecoder.
> If we move both ImageFrame and ImageFrameCache into separate .h and .cpp, would it make things better?

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