[Webkit-unassigned] [Bug 100257] Don't fire requestAnimationFrame for scripts in frames that are out of view

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> > What does the page visibility API do for out-of-view iframes?
> Per the spec (http://www.w3.org/TR/page-visibility/#sec-document-interface):
> "On getting, the hidden attribute MUST return true if the Document contained by the top level browsing context (root window in the browser's viewport) [HTML5] is not visible at all. The attribute MUST return false if the Document contained by the top level browsing context is at least partially visible on at least one screen."
> So as it stands, it conveys visibility information only for the top level document, not for any nested documents. I don't believe there's any assumption that the Document.hidden property will correlate with the status of a requestAnimationFrame callback anywhere, though.

Is this patch consistent with the RAF spec? It says:

"Whenever a Document's hidden attribute is false and the animation frame request callback list is not empty, the user agent MUST regularly queue a task that samples all animations for that Document's top-level browsing context."

So taken literally, it does not seem to allow the behavior of this patch.

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