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--- Comment #28 from Kulanthaivel Palanichamy <kulanthaivel at codeaurora.org>  2012-11-09 11:08:44 PST ---
(In reply to comment #25)
> I think we need a lot of more sample than just one computer. If we're enabling this on x86 processors, I'd like to see samples on following architectures:
> AMD: K8 (was one of the most popular processor lines for AMD), K10 (still used in many laptops), Turion or Fusion, and Bulldozer.
> Intel: Nehalem or Westmere (there still quite few NetBurst architectures CPUs), original Core, Core 2, and Sandy Bridge.
I do not have access to these many architectures to test this patch. I have couple of Intel Xeon machines, a Sandy Bridge based machine and few ARM variety.

> Quite frankly, the variation of cache size, bus speed, branch prediction mechanisms and accuracy etc... between these architectures is so large that I'm highly skeptical that this optimization is helpful on the average for x86.

Is is acceptable to detect CPU at run time and enable this patch only on those known architectures which give benefit from this patch?

I know V8 and JavaScriptCore are already doing similar run-time detection for JITed code generation based on CPU id.

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